Oxford University is home to some of the greatest choral music in the world – through the services, performances, recording and tours of its literally dozens of choirs.

For six months, starting in July, Oxford Today will show you how an Oxford choir works - going behind the scenes to understand what it takes to sing at a world-class level, and understanding the scholarship, discipline and passion for excellence that underpins every note. We'll also be giving Oxford Today readers online the chance to vote for their favourite pieces of Christmas choral music, with the most popular being performed at the famous Christmas service of the choir of New College, Oxford in December, and made available for Oxford Today readers to download.

Oxford isn't just a centre for performance of vocal music: it's also a hub for composition as well. Watch young students follow in the footsteps of renowned Oxford alumni John Taverner, Hubert Parry, and William Walton, balancing tradition and modernity, inspiration and sheer hard work, in producing beautiful music for the human voice.