Joanna Vestey's stylish coffee table book Custodians is the inspiration for our photography competition. See these winning images taken by alumni, of Oxford's much-loved landscape. 

Alumni have sent in their own skilfully taken pictures of Oxford, inspired by local photographer Joanna Vestey's book, Custodians. See Vestey's work here to get an idea of what we were looking for: Oxford's extraordinary buildings.

We are pleased to announce the five prize winners of the Custodians photography book as:

  1. Alastair Hodge (Keble, 1975) Oxford Botanic Gardener, Aug. 2015
  2. Kenneth Wheeler (Balliol, 1957) After Breakfast in Hall, Balliol, Jan. 1960
  3. Catherine Lloyd (Magdalen, 1998) Magdalen Lawn
  4. Ryan Manton (Cont. Ed. 2011) Christ Church Meadows
  5. Wil Ransome (Oriel, 1964) A Friend in Christ Church Meadows, 1964

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