• Drink, drink and be merry

    Paul Keers has written a wine book with a difference with fellow Oxford alum Charles Jennings.
  • Reflected glories

    A world turned upside-down… Alumnus Jonathan Kirkpatrick captures Oxford transformed into a waterworld.
  • How the English became

    Alumnus Keith Davies ponders the tortuous, violent process that led to the emergence of a people.
  • Isis: a name with a problem?

    Is the time-honoured name of the Thames at Oxford now tainted by its use for the extreme jihadist group?
  • Cover story

    Oxonian artist Jenny Urquhart explores the creative process that led to the current Oxford Today cover painting.
  • In touch through TORCH

    A new Oxford initiative aims to encourage joined-up thinking through interdisciplinary projects. We quiz the director.
  • HIV’s ground zero

    The HIV pandemic exploded worldwide from a single infection in 1920s central Africa, Oxford scientists say.
  • What Oxford has done for the internet

    Dr Victoria Nash of the Oxford Internet Institute explores how the University has helped shape the wired world.
  • The pit and the pendulum

    DH Lawrence swings in and out of favour, but his play about a mining family is a masterpiece, writes Barney Norris.
  • The Goldie variations

    The DJ has collaborated with an Oxford academic to turn rediscovered medieval music into a thoroughly modern composition.