• A Don of Yesteryear

    A Don of Yesteryear

    Tony Wells reflects on how the role of a university tutors has changed.
  • Oxford and the Olympics

    Oxford and the Olympics

    As a centre of classical learning, Oxford has long had a special tie to the Olympics, says John Garth.
  • The Lost Leonardo

    The Lost Leonardo

    Judith Keeling talks to Leonardo da Vinci expert Martin Kemp about how uncovering a new Old Master is fraught with difficulties.
  • Are we in a new Dickensian age?

    Are we in a new Dickensian age?

    Magdalen fellow Robert Douglas-Fairhurst highlights some of the numerous parallels between the period in which Dickens came of age as a novelist and our own recessionary world.
  • The Pursued

    The Pursued

    Lawrence Brewer discovers a lost novel by CS Forester, acquires the rights and publishes it.
  • What next?

    What next?

    Post-Fukushima... post-nuclear? As we approach the first anniversary of the tsunami that shook the world, three experts share their divergent visions of the future.
  • Writing Life

    Writing Life

    Clare Morgan tells John Garth why Oxford’s creative writing MSt stands out from the crowd.
  • Dante Gabriel Rossetti

    Dante Gabriel Rossetti and the Anatomy of Desire

    In a startling new biography of Rossetti, JB Bullen reconsiders why he was important.
  • Wodehouse and the English language

    Wodehouse and the English language

    Using the new Oxford English Dictionary Online, Robert McCrum, uncovers the whimsical words and delightful language of PG Wodehouse - from cup, to ritzy and zing.
  • Dali's Precarious Elephant

    Dr James Martin's essay on the future of the world in the last, Trinity issue of Oxford Today led to a very welcome response from readers.