• Fasten your seatbelts

    Fasten your seatbelts, there’s turbulence ahead

    This will be an extraordinary century, says Oxford benefactor and futurologist Dr James Martin, because humanity is outgrowing this small planet.
  • Meetings with Remarkable Ghosts

    Meetings with Remarkable Ghosts

    Christina Hardyment talks to Angela Palmer about her epic installation of rainforest giants outside the Oxford University Museum of Natural History.
  • Bluff, Guile And Swagger

    Bluff, Guile And Swagger

    Real World War Two hero and Trinity graduate Sir Tommy Macpherson talks to John Garth about how he used his wits – and kilt – to bamboozle the Nazis.
  • First among equals

    First among equals

    David Cameron's appointment has increased the number of Oxford-educated British prime ministers to 26, writes Richard Lofthouse
  • Idle scholar

    Idle scholar who brought local language to book

    As dialect studies continue to fascinate linguists, Chris Sladen salutes an early Oxford pioneer.
  • For art’s sake

    For art’s sake

    Against a backdrop of severe cuts to public arts funding in Britain, Matthew Sperling considers the corresponding groundswell of Oxford protest.
  • Interrogating Nature

    Interrogating Nature - to reveal God's way?

    The broadcaster Melvyn Bragg examines how the early scientists of the 17th and 18th centuries were aware of the theological implications of their work.
  • History - handle with care

    History - handle with care

    History can help us understand the forces that have shaped the modern world. But it can also be distorted and manipulated.
  • When war came again

    When war came again

    Chris Sladen marks the 70th anniversary of the outbreak of the Second World War in Europe with an assessment of its impact on the University. Author: Chris Sladen.
  • When music gets physical

    When music gets physical

    Scientists on the fiddle? Brian Foster on how Einstein and the violin inspired a festival of interdisciplinary imagination. Brian Foster reports.