• Seeing the trees for the Woods

    Seeing the trees for the Woods

    Michael Gross on how the Wytham Woods field station is helping monitor the threats to the world's forests from climate change.
  • Power of the mind

    Power of the mind

    The head of a lineage of Buddhism visits Oxford to discuss the role of mindfulness in the modern world, writes Richard Lofthouse.
  • Philanthropists

    Philanthropists who left a lasting legacy

    Oxford has, in part, long been shaped by philanthropy. As the University’s new fundraising campaign begins, Jill Pellew examines how a breed of Tudor benefactors made their mark.
  • Weaving webs of wonder

    Weaving webs of wonder

    As Engineering celebrates its Oxford centenary, Michael Gross finds scientific collaboration resulting in unexpected spin-offs.
  • Imagining how to tackle trauma

    Imagining how to tackle trauma

    Oxford psychologists believe mental images of past and future events may be a powerful route to treating psychological disorders.
  • Student of Oxford, Citizen of the World

    Student of Oxford, Citizen of the World

    But inspired by science and radicalism, James Smithson made a fortune - and established a US institution.
  • Presidential reflections

    Presidential reflections

    Honoured at this year's Encaenia for his achievements, Jimmy Carter shows no sign of slowing down.
  • Making lives less ordinary

    Making lives less ordinary

    Hilary Spurling and Kathryn Hughes bring their passion to writing biography. Alicia Clegg hears how they pursue their subjects.
  • Charm and cruelty

    Charm and cruelty

    Peter Carey reflects on a life of Nobel peace prizewinner and political prisoner, Aung San Suu Kyi.
  • We are all brethen

    We are all brethen

    John Pinofold explores the remarkable records in Oxford's libraries of the fight to end the transatlantic slave trade.