Russ Feingold, a Rhodes Scholar and the only senator to vote against the USA Patriot Act, is campaigning to win Wisconsin back from the Republicans this time around. 

By Nigel Holloway 

Democratic Senator Russ Feingold of Wisconsin (below), a Rhodes Scholar at Magdalen College in 1975-77, is running for the office that he lost in the 2010 election to Republican Ron Johnson. A political newcomer, Johnson said that Feingold was emblematic of a senate intent on expanding the role of government. Feingold’s loss ended a distinguished 18-year career in the senate.

He is best known for working with Republican Senator John McCain to pass the Campaign Reform Act of 2002, in an effort to limit lobbyists’ influence. He was also the only senator to vote against the USA Patriot Act that became law soon after 9/11, saying its provisions infringed upon civil liberties. Russ Feingold

Campaign finance and civil liberties will remain important issues to Feingold as he girds for battle, but U.S. domestic policies are not the only matters that preoccupy him. After losing his senate seat, Feingold served in 2013-14 as United States Special Representative for the African Great Lakes region and the Democratic Republic of the Congo, a region wracked by civil wars in which more than 5 million people have died. During his time in the position, one of the warring factions agreed to surrender, but this leaves more than 30 other groups continuing to fight. 'I wanted to make sure there were opportunities for economic co-operation because the region has enormous natural resources and great potential for ecotourism,' says Feingold.Feingold

Growing up in Wisconsin in the 1960s, the assassinations of John F Kennedy, his brother Robert, and Martin Luther King Jr. had a “searing effect” on him, but it wasn’t until he studied at Oxford that “the immediacy of Africa” came alive. At the time, white-ruled Rhodesia was fighting a guerrilla war against two black nationalist organizations. 'At Oxford, there was an understanding of issues that still concerned swathes of the world; we didn’t feel that in the U.S.,' he says.


His ties with Oxford never frayed; in fact, they’re stronger than ever. Feingold is married to Dr Christine Ferdinand, Librarian of Magdalen College. They met at a college dinner in 2008. Whatever happens to his re-election bid, Feingold will continue to spend plenty of time at Oxford. 


By David

Feingold has some accomplishments as listed in this article. However, his assignment in the Great Lakes region of Africa was NOT one of them. Burundi is in chaos, despite his claims of success. His assignment in this role by the Secretary of State (Kerry) was a place to "park" him while he and other Democrats gear up for the 2016 election and an attempt to win back a majority in the Senate. Feingold is very much a member of the "political class". I have a home in Madison Wisconsin close to his in Middleton WI. The State politics do not appear to be well understood, if at all, by the author.

By Peter F. Kranstover

Russ Feingold is the best bet the Democrats have of taking back a Senate seat in 2016. I wish him well as a proud Wisconsinite and Oxonian. Peter F. Kranstover
St. Peter's College, 1976
Cedarburg, Wisconsin

By Thomas Dineen, ...

Another aggressively left-wing Rhodes Scholar on the make in U.S. politics? I don't believe it!

By Peter Hulse

So is it that right-wing US or Commonwealth citizens never become Rhodes Scholars, or is that they then never go on into politics?

By Diana Wells

I live in New Mexico, a state owned by the Koch political machine. While I support my local Congressmen and soon there will be a Woman also, I support Russ because he voted against the Patriot Act, and because he attempts to resolve differences in the two parties. Russ, like most smart humans, develops and improves himself as life goes on. We need that in our Congress. We need campaign finance reform. His is a strong voice for the political reforms needed to return our Democracy to the people.

By R. Wichinski

He has accomplished nothing. Feingold's campaign does not mention anything about his prior record as a 3 term senator, because he accomplished nothing except for the work he did with Senator McCain on campaign reform, which became more or less defunct after several Supreme Court decisions. Then, after being voted out of the Senate, he received help from other Democrats to create a super PAC to support himself and his staff members while out of office, which is contrary to the intent of the laws he helped pass. With a new wife working at Oxford and a part-time job at Stanford it is hard to believe that Russ has or ever will spend any time focused on the needs or concerns of Wisconsin voters. He has spent a very small amount of his time in Wisconsin during the past 7 years, which should be an indication of his intentions going forward.

By karen

Feingold has done nothing for WI or the US. He's a dependable backbench vote for the Dums. He'll support HRS's efforts to take guns from WI hunters (as he admitted to out of state backers in AZ). So out of step he was only one to not vote for Patriot Act. Only "accomplishment" was Mc Cain-Feingold bill which went down in flames with SC ruling. Brags that he cast 60th vote for ACA. What a failure!