Back issues (since Hilary 2012) are available through issuu.

Further back issues of Oxford Today are available as PDF downloads below:

Oxford today Trinity 2017 cover

Volume 29 No 2| Trinity 2017

Solar nexus - University marshals its forces to tackle global energy crisis; Foundation Year opens door for disadvantaged; History of mapmaking; Historic gift transforms the boat clubs forever.

Size: 12mb

Oxford Today cover, Michaelmas 2016

Volume 29 No 1 | Michaelmas 2016

The Michaelmas, 2016 edition of Oxford Today honours Oxford alumna Theresa May; we also visit Richard Dawkins and engineering alum Hugo Spowers.

Size: 11mb

Oxford Today, Trinity Term 2016, cover

Volume 28 No 2 | Trinity 2016

The inside story of Cecil; Bottling the sun; Doing our bit?; Internships

Size: 8mb

Oxford Today - Michaelmas Term 2015 - cover

Volume 28 No 1 | Michaelmas 2015

The world’s deepest oceans; Genomics research; Philosopher John Gray; Coats of arms

Size: 8mb


Volume 27 No 2 | Trinity 2015

Oxford in 2065; The uncrowned tech monarchs; Hawking at Oxford; Napoleon's last resting place

Size: 8mb


Volume 27 No 1 | Michaelmas 2014

Entrepreneurial Oxford; Rochester's Oxford; The Germans in Oxford; Explaining the world to the world

Size: 11mb

 OT-TT-2014 cover

Volume 26 No 2 | Trinity 2014

Rewilding Oxford; Have tutorials changed?; Marshal Blucher, drunk in Oxford in 1814; A recent history of scandalous capitalism

Size: 26mb


Volume 26 No 1 | Michaelmas 2013

The class of 2012; Thatcher's scientific legacy; Radical architecture of Oxford; Barbara Pym; 22 November 1963: a day to remember

Size: 11mb

 Trinity 2013 cover

Volume 25 No 2 | Trinity 2013

Marcus du Sautoy; What makes us British?; Sharing knowledge; Money matters; Fantasy worlds

Size: 8mb


Volume 25 No 1 | Michaelmas 2012

Aung San Suu Kyi; Martin Kemp discovers a lost Leonardo; Michael Moritz; Class of 2012; Oxford and India

Size: 8mb


Volume 24 No 3 | Trinity 2012

All at sea; Politics fever; What is mindfulness?; A tale of two Minis; Finding the river; Choral videos

Size: 7mb


Volume 24 No 2 | Hilary 2012

John Vickers; Oxford and the Olympics; Feeling the pinch?; Are we in a new Dickensian age?; The pursued; A top career

Size: 7mb


Volume 24 No 1 | Michaelmas 2011

Nuclear reaction; The humanities in crisis; Dante Gabriel Rossetti; Writing the world; Creative writing competition

Size: 7mb


Volume 23 No 3 | Trinity 2011

For art's sake; Turbulence ahead; Facebook revolution; Burne-Jones pursuit of love; PG Wodehouse

Size: 7mb


Volume 23 No 2 | Hilary 2011

Age of uncertainty; Bluffe, guile and swagger; Meetings with remarkable ghosts; Silicon triangle

Size: 7mb


Volume 23 No 1 | Michaelmas 2010

Wilfred Thesiger, Africa seen through his lens; When to share gene data?; Seamus Perry on our greatest living poet

Size: 7mb


Volume 22 No 3 | Trinity 2010

Going with the swing; Interrogating Nature – to reveal God's way?; Idle scholar who brought local language to book; Naomi Alderman

Size: 5.8mb


Volume 22 No 2 | Hilary 2010

Wanted: a 21st-century renaissance; History – handle with care; Piecing together the causes of lives torn apart; Terry Jones

Size: 6.1mb


Volume 22 No 1 | Michaelmas 2009

Woe, Superman?; Driving down Electric Avenue; When war came again; Innovation by the Isis; Ian Hislop

Size: 6.8mb

Oxford Today issues before Volume 22 (Michaelmas 2009) are not currently available online.