Oxford research into high-efficiency cooling systems for next-generation jet-engines has led to a new design of cooking pan that uses 40 percent less energy.

Flare Pan

The 'Flare pan', based on research by Thomas Povey of Oxford University's Department of Engineering Science, has just been launched by kitchenware firm Lakeland. The new style of pan can boil water using 40 percent less energy than a normal design. Inspired by high-efficiency cooling systems used in jet-engines, the pan has fins around its circumference which channel heat from the flame across the bottom and up the sides of the pan, resulting in better heat distribution, shorter cooking times, and lower energy consumption.

Thomas worked with Isis Innovation, the University's technology commercialisation company, to license the new technology, which has already won an award from The Worshipful Company of Engineers. The pans can be purchased from UK kitchenware retailer Lakeland from £49.99, and you can watch Povey explain the science behind the technology in the video below.

Flare Pans exclusive at Lakeland