• For Sale

    Political Properties

    Oxford research suggests that London house prices vary with political uncertainty overseas.
  • New Year Honours 2013

    New Year Honours 2014

    Ten senior members of the University of Oxford were recognised in the New Year honours.
  • Fizz

    Frugal Fizz

    Research from the University suggests that the best champagnes aren't necessarily the most expensive.
  • Selfie

    Selfie: The Word of 2013

    Oxford Dictionaries has crowned 'selfie' the word of 2013, ahead of 'bitcoin', 'bedroom tax' and 'twerking'.
  • Soda

    The Sugar Tax

    How a 20 percent sugary drink tax could reduce obesity numbers in the UK by 180,000.
  • Contemporary Questions

    The University has released a set of modern interview questions to show what students are up against.
  • Happy Birthday to Us

    Today marks the 25th anniversary of the first edition of Oxford Today. Here's the cover of that very first magazine.
  • Celebrating Women in Science

    How female researchers and students marked Ada Lovelace Day with an Oxford Wikipedia editathon.
  • What Is Reading?

    What Is Reading?

    Dr Belinda Jack has been exploring what it means to consume the written word.
  • Sermons in Stone

    Sermons in Stone

    Oxford research suggests half of jobs look set to be lost to computerisation.