• Oxonian in Cambridge

    A teapot

    Time for Tea?

    I'm writing this on the day a new exhibition opens at the Bodleian. It celebrates the works of five literary luminaries — and personal heroes of mine — but I see little immediate prospect of being able to get to it. My only comfort is a cup of tea.
  • Oxford and the media

    Laurie Penny

    A Penny For Your Thoughts

    I’ve wanted for some time now to write about Laurie Penny, the Wadham College graduate who, aged 26, was described last year by the Daily Telegraph as “without doubt the loudest and most controversial female voice on the radical left”.
  • Editor's blog

    The Third Wave of Oxford’s Coffee Culture

    It sometimes feels like the sting of this everlasting winter will never ease. But no matter: there’s another brilliant coffee shop popped up in Oxford.
  • The class of 2012

    Testing Times

    Testing Times

    After a break for a couple of weeks, I finally feel I can now look back and attempt to remember what happened in Hilary term. Amid a sea of revision and exams, at the time it seemed to end as soon as it had begun.