By The class of 2012

After an intense but very rewarding term, I was able to settle down for a lovely and well deserved Christmas back home. I had mixed feelings about being back in bonnie Scotland, though.

It was wonderful to see my family again, eat my mum’s great cooking and see some real hills — something that’s really rather lacking in Oxford. But it was strange to see how little had changed since I’d left. It had felt like I had been gone for an age, like home should have altered dramatically during my time away; in reality, of course, I’d only been in Oxford 8 weeks or so, and home hadn’t altered much at all.

I’m still struggling to get over how much I’ve learned in such a short time at Oxford. I’ve never made such rapid progress in learning a language, nor been in a place with so many resources at hand. I am still very much in love with Sanskrit and can’t wait to go back to learn more. It’s very early days, but it makes me wonder how much I will have learned by the time graduation comes around.

I’m looking forward to starting Hilary term a great deal, but am slightly apprehensive; I know that it will likely be my most hectic term this year. I hope to do well in — or at least pass — my prelims, but there’s plenty more to do, too. I want to try out for St. John’s women’s first boat; keep up my extra language work, kindly provided by the Oriental Institute; and also hopefully apply to a number of funds on offer, in order visit Svaneti in Georgia to investigate folklore, and visit holy sites in India next winter. I think I’m going to be busy.

I miss living like a student and my college room sometimes; I’m definitely starting to consider Oxford as a second home now. I can’t wait for the start of next term.