'Shared bad memories' bind fighters and terrorists to their groups

    What binds military fighters or terrorists together so tightly that they are willing to sacrifice their own lives for their cause?
  • How I became an Oxford tour guide

    How I became an Oxford tour guide

    Edward Elliott finds that showing people around Oxford is a voyage of self-discovery.
  • Hooray for Hobbitwood

    Hooray for Hobbitwood

    Edward Elliott finds the world premiere of the final Hobbit movie surreal, and the after-party more surreal still...
  • Editor's blog

    Taking down the Tower poppies

    Taking down the Tower poppies

    If you missed the poppies at the Tower of London, there’s significance in their removal too, writes Richard Lofthouse.
  • Editor's blog

    Will elephants exist in a few years?

    Will elephants exist in a few years?

    Celebrated Oxford zoologist Iain Douglas Hamilton shares his hopes and fears with Oxford Today editor Richard Lofthouse.
  • Oxonian in Cambridge

    Making waves

    Making waves

    Caroline Jackson recalls Heaney’s big splash, charts the course of the Mays anthology, and takes bearings for new directions in poetry.
  • Editor's blog

    How does Oxford Today get produced

    How does Oxford Today get produced?

    As the latest issue rolls out, Richard Lofthouse celebrates the technology and craft that make the magazine possible.
  • From the postbag

    From the postbag

    Readers send Oxford Today recollections, paeans of praise, and ventings of spleen.
  • Editor's blog

    Books or bytes

    Books or bytes?

    In a packed alumni weekend, Richard Lofthouse hears about the Bodleian Library’s big digital challenges.
  • Editor's blog

    Tips for Visiting Oxford This Autumn

    Tips for visiting Oxford this autumn

    Take a water taxi to dinner, or order a low-carbon delivery? Richard Lofthouse offers some enticing choices in time for alumni weekend.