• Editor's blog

    How does Oxford Today get produced

    How does Oxford Today get produced?

    As the latest issue rolls out, Richard Lofthouse celebrates the technology and craft that make the magazine possible.
  • From the postbag

    From the postbag

    Readers send Oxford Today recollections, paeans of praise, and ventings of spleen.
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    Books or bytes

    Books or bytes?

    In a packed alumni weekend, Richard Lofthouse hears about the Bodleian Library’s big digital challenges.
  • Editor's blog

    Tips for Visiting Oxford This Autumn

    Tips for visiting Oxford this autumn

    Take a water taxi to dinner, or order a low-carbon delivery? Richard Lofthouse offers some enticing choices in time for alumni weekend.
  • Editor's blog

    Didcot No More - Martyn Bull

    Didcot no more?

    Richard Lofthouse finds that a towering lost landmark to industry is not quite lost after all – yet.
  • Editor's blog


    Inside Isis

    Richard Lofthouse finds out what Oxford's latest spin-out companies are seeking to achieve.
  • Oxonian in Cambridge


    Who Needs a Hand?

    Caroline Jackson considers Alan Bennett's recent comments about privilege and unfairness of opportunity at Oxbridge.
  • Theatre

    Cultural Discrimination

    It's easier than ever to consume culture — but have we lost sight of the need frank criticism in the arts?
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    Hew Strachan

    The Centenary Starts Here

    Richard Lofthouse sits down with one of the world's leading authorities on the history of the First World War.
  • Wolfson

    Wolfson Innovates

    Amy Richards reflects on the talent on show at Oxford’s newest entrepreneurship competition.