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A photo of the Oxford skyline
Oxford skyline
Photo credit: Vinesh Rajpaul
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Introducing UNIQ+

UNIQ+ is a pilot six-week summer school designed to give the chance to experience what postgraduate study is like at the University of Oxford to talented individuals who would find continuing into postgraduate study a challenge because of socio-economic or financial circumstances. The programme, which will run 1 July to 9 August 2019, is currently limited to subjects in medical, biological, mathematical and physical sciences. 

The deadline for applications to the UNIQ+ programme is 12 noon on Monday 29 April 2019.

If you are a student in the social sciences, you may be interested by a similar programme organised this year by Nuffield College, which is one of the Oxford colleges.

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Who is UNIQ+ for?

UNIQ+ is for UK residents who are studying/have studied at a UK university for their undergraduate degree (eg BA, BSc, etc). You don’t have to be studying at the University of Oxford to be eligible, and we strongly encourage people studying or who have studied at other UK universities to apply.

Building on the success of our UNIQ summer schools for school students, we’re looking for applications from talented undergraduates who would find continuing into postgraduate study a challenge, for reasons other than their academic ability. UNIQ+ is a programme intended to encourage access to postgraduate study from under-represented groups in UK universities.

We know that financial, socio-economic and other life circumstances can make it difficult for some to continue studying beyond an undergraduate degree. As well as giving you insight into studying at postgraduate level, you’ll also get the chance to improve your CV and to learn new academic and research skills, which will help you when preparing an application for a postgraduate course.

You don’t have to be studying at the University of Oxford to be eligible
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Biochemistry Building
The Biochemistry building, part of the University Science Area
(Image Credit: Nicola Mastroddi)
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What is UNIQ+?

The UNIQ+ summer school will run for six weeks, from 1 July to 9 August 2019. For 2019, we’re looking for around 25 students to take part in research in the following areas:

  • the interface between the mathematical and computational sciences and the biological and biomedical sciences;
  • laboratory-based research in the biological and medical sciences; and
  • either pure or applied mathematics.

Opportunities and benefits of UNIQ+

UNIQ+ will give you the opportunity to carry out a research project at the University of Oxford, in our state-of-the-art facilities under the guidance and mentorship of Oxford academics and current DPhil (PhD) research students. You will also receive guidance on how to apply for graduate courses and scholarship funding and how to improve your CV and career prospects.

You will receive:

  • free accommodation in one of our colleges (see our FAQ: What is a college?); and
  • a generous stipend of £2,500, designed to offset any loss of the opportunity to take up paid employment during the summer.

UNIQ+ offers you an insight to life both as a research student in general and as an Oxford student, as well as the chance to get real-life research experience and develop your academic skills.

You will receive free accommodation in one of our colleges and a generous stipend of £2,500

Which subjects does UNIQ+ cover?

The 2019 UNIQ+ summer school program is being run by our Mathematics, Physics and Life Sciences (MPLS) Division and Medical Sciences Division (MSD), which represent Oxford’s academic departments in these subject areas. The research projects available on UNIQ+ will be related to MPLS Doctoral Training Programmes and Medical Sciences courses.

This is the first year we are running the UNIQ+ summer school, and we hope to expand UNIQ+ in future years.

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Chemical flasks with luminescent contents
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The UNIQ+ programme takes place over six weeks. During this time you will undertake a research project at the University of Oxford. Find out more...