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Graduate research students collaborate
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How do I apply to UNIQ+?

The deadline for the 2019 UNIQ+ summer school is 12 noon on Monday 29 April 2019.

To apply, you will need:

  • to complete a UNIQ+ application form (which can be downloaded below), including a personal statement written by you of up to 500 words that explains why you would like to apply for a place on UNIQ+ and why you believe your background and/or personal circumstances qualify you;
  • two referees (at least one of whom should be from a university tutor/advisor/professor) who will provide a reference on your behalf;
  • your CV;
  • your University transcript, with your name, institution and full details of the grades/marks you have received so far. Downloads or screenshots from student self-service online systems are acceptable; screenshots must include your name and the name of the institution, as well as a breakdown of the grades. Degree certificates will not be accepted in lieu of transcripts.
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Preparing your application

You should look at the courses and research themes within MPLS and MSD so that you can specify your preferred area of research interest in the UNIQ+ application form:

If relevant, you may also need to provide your most recent Student Finance or institution letter regarding any financial support package you are receiving/have received for your undergraduate degree (excluding the standard government loan for which all students resident in the UK are eligible).

Your application form should be submitted as a Microsoft Word document (.doc/.docx). All other documents should be saved as PDF documents. If you have any problems with using the right file format, see our FAQ for help.


In the UNIQ+ application form, you will be asked to give information about your two referees. However, please note that we will not contact your referees on your behalf, so you will need to contact your referees yourself and ask them to send their references to us by the closing date of 12 noon on Monday 29 April 2019. The reference should be sent to us using the instructions in the Information for referees section below.

Of your two referees, at least one should be a member of university academic staff (eg a tutor, advisor or professor) who can comment on your academic ability, the quality of your work, and your potential for further study. Please speak to your referees first to make sure they are happy to write a reference for you by the deadline. They may want more information about UNIQ+ and you can give them this link:

At least one of your referees should be a member of university academic staff
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Read frequently asked questions about UNIQ+

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Download the UNIQ+ application form

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Submitting your application

When you apply, you will need to answer questions about your home address in your final calendar year at secondary school (usually at age 18).

Once you have all of your documents ready, send them to us using our document upload portal by 12 noon on Monday 29 April 2019.

We will let you know by email whether you have a place on the 2019 UNIQ+ summer school by the start of June. This email will include what you’ll need to do next and information on how to prepare for UNIQ+. If you aren’t successful, you might be placed on a waiting list – if so, we will let you know when you can expect to hear whether you’ve got a place.

Applications should be submitted via our document upload portal

Selection criteria

Selection for UNIQ+ will be made on the basis of the following information collected in the application form:

  • financial circumstances;
  • socio-economic information;
  • any relevant contextual information supplied in your application form and personal statement; and
  • your academic merit and potential to do research in mathematical, physical, life and biomedical sciences, as evidenced by your academic record and references.

Places on UNIQ+ will be available in specific subject areas. The application form will ask you to specify which subject area(s) you are interested in.

We will let you know whether you have a place on the 2019 UNIQ+ summer school by the start of June
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Read the UNIQ+ Applicant Privacy Notice

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Upload your UNIQ+ application form

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Sunset over Oxford skyline
Sunset over the Oxford skyline
(Image Credit: Sheng Peng / Graduate Photography Competition)
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Information for referees

Referees are kindly requested to submit a reference letter, to assist the University in making a full assessment of each application. We ask that referees comment on the academic ability and general suitability of the applicant for the UNIQ+ Graduate Summer School, and any other information you may consider relevant. Please read the guidance below, which provides a suggestion of what to include in your reference letter and instructions for sending your reference.  

Generally, a reference letter should include:

  • the name of the applicant, so that we can attach your reference to the correct application;
  • the duration and extent of your familiarity with the applicant;
  • the specific course the applicant is/was on;
  • their general aptitude and academic potential;
  • their academic achievements (including prizes, publications etc);
  • their relevant skills and experience (eg academic writing, work experience, or laboratory skills);
  • their suitability for UNIQ+; and
  • their relevant personal characteristics (eg independence, innovation or determination).

Your reference will need to be sent to us by email as a PDF attachment. To be considered valid, you should send your reference from your professional/institutional email address. Where this is not possible (eg because you have retired), you will need to explain the circumstances in your reference letter.

Please email your reference to by 12 noon on Monday 29 April 2019.

Please ensure that the applicant's name is clearly visible in your reference letter