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Chemical flasks with luminescent contents
Flasks in the laboratory
(Image Credit: Greta Pintacuda / Graduate Photography Competition)
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What happens during UNIQ+?

The UNIQ+ programme takes place over six weeks. During this time you will undertake a research project at the University of Oxford. You will meet and work with our researchers, academic staff, and graduate students.

Over the first two weeks you will undertake a programme of taught courses to improve your research skills in your potential research area. This might involve improving your programming skills, or learning some new laboratory or data analysis skills. During this time you’ll also attend talks on the graduate admissions process at Oxford, on graduate destinations and careers, and on life as a research student by existing Oxford research students.

Over the subsequent four weeks of the programme you will try your hand at research in one of the over 20 Oxford University departments participating in the UNIQ+ summer school this year, working with other DPhil (PhD) students.

As well as being supervised by Oxford academics, you will have the opportunity to attend talks by leading scientists in Oxford on both their research and their career trajectory, and to meet and discuss their research with them.

During UNIQ+ you’ll live in an Oxford college and experience all aspects of life as a research student in Oxford. A programme of social activities will introduce you to our community and to some of the University of Oxford’s famous traditions and locations. Our intention is that everyone who takes part will gain tangible benefits from the programme in terms of skills and experience that will enhance any future postgraduate or job application.

During UNIQ+ you’ll live in an Oxford college and experience all aspects of life as a research student in Oxford
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Oxford University Museum of Natural History
The University's Museum of Natural History
(Image Credit: Yunli Song / Graduate Photography Competition)
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What does UNIQ+ offer?

UNIQ+ is designed to:

  • enhance your research skills;
  • enhance your ability to make a competitive application to postgraduate courses;
  • introduce you to leading researchers and staff at the University of Oxford; and
  • offer you information about opportunities for postgraduate study and research careers.

UNIQ+ is free for all participants. To make sure that you are able to participate if you’re offered a place on UNIQ+, you will also receive:

  • a stipend of £2,500;
  • free accommodation in one of our colleges;
  • a refund up to £200 for your travel expenses to and from Oxford at the start and end of UNIQ+; and
  • an application fee waiver for applying to a postgraduate course at Oxford (currently the application fee is £75 per application).


You will be offered a private room in one of our world-famous colleges (see our FAQ: What is a college?) for the duration of the six-week UNIQ+ programme at no cost to you. We will let you know which college you will be living in if you are offered a place on UNIQ+.

Currently, the participating colleges in UNIQ+ are:

This list may be updated.

You will be able to check in to your room on Sunday 30 June, and you will need to check out by Saturday 10 August.

UNIQ+ aims to make the real day-to-day experience of studying and living at Oxford more accessible and transparent

Your Oxford experience

We sometimes hear from our graduate students that they didn’t know what to expect from coming to the University of Oxford. Sometimes they found the University’s reputation intimidating and found it hard to be confident enough in their own abilities to apply. Sometimes they had strong ideas about what a typical Oxford experience or Oxford student was like. Sometimes they had concerns that they might not enjoy Oxford or fit in. This might have put them off applying even if the course and the facilities were a great fit for them.

UNIQ+ aims to make the real day-to-day experience of studying and living here at Oxford more accessible and transparent to you.

The University of Oxford is, above everything, a community of talented people working to push the boundaries of human knowledge. Some of the buildings are centuries old but our community isn’t. We have thousands of new students and staff arriving every year from around the world who bring a valuable and diverse range of experiences with them.

UNIQ+ will introduce you to that community and give you the chance to experience some of what Oxford offers its students directly, for yourself.

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Through UNIQ+ we want to encourage students from under-represented backgrounds to apply for postgraduate study, whether at the University of Oxford or any other institution. Find out more...