The Distinguished Friend of Oxford Awards, 2018

27 Sep 2018

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The Vice-Chancellor Professor Louise Richardson with the Award recipients, on September 15th, 2018

The Distinguished Friend of Oxford Award is presented to individuals who have acted as exceptional volunteers for the benefit of the wider collegiate University. The first awards were given in 1998.

The Award recognises those who have given their time, expertise and influence to projects and initiatives of significant and enduring value to the University. Through the Award we honour their pivotal contribution, which has both nurtured and advanced the University, safeguarding a flourishing Oxford for generations to come.

We are immensely grateful to this remarkable group of supporters, advocates and loyal friends.

2018 Distinguished Friends of Oxford

Lorna Carter OBE, with the Vice-Chancellor

Lorna Carter OBE

Lorna Carter has been an external member of the Central University Research Ethics Committee (CUREC) since 2011. Between 2006 and 2011 she was a member of the Oxford Tropical Research Ethics Committee (OxTREC), of which she was Vice Chair between 2007 and 2011, representing the University on the UK University Research Ethics Committees Working Group.

Mrs Carter has demonstrated extraordinary, long-term and ongoing commitment to supporting the essential work of the University’s research ethics structure regarding research relating to human participants and personal data. While a member of OxTREC, this included the assessment of applications for ethical approval, discussing ethical concerns with other committee members, and supporting students and staff to conduct high quality ethical research.  As a member of CUREC, Mrs Carter has helped shape policy and practice relating to research undertaken across all four Divisions of the University. 

For over ten years Mrs Carter’s influence has consistently had a profound and lasting impact on the effective and efficient management mechanism and review of the University’s policy on the ethical conduct of research.  She has generously given her time, regularly attended committee meetings providing valuable and thorough insight and, between meetings, she has engaged fully in the respective committee’s needs. Her knowledge, vision, attention to detail and extensive experience in the field of research integrity and the teaching of the responsible conduct of research, have all contributed to her status as a valued expert and trusted colleague. Her wisdom, generosity of spirit and quiet authority have greatly assisted the University tackle difficult and complex issues effectively and coherently.

Christopher Mack, with the Vice-Chancellor

Christopher Mack

Christopher Mack’s (Pembroke, 1983) unwavering and dedicated support of Oxford University Amateur Boxing Club (OUABC) has been an exemplary example of how alumni support of Sport Clubs and Sport at Oxford can be transformational.

Mr Mack has not only supported his College but has also played an active role in Sport, working with both the Oxford Sport Development Committee and OUABC. Most notably, as an alumnus of the OUABC, Mr Mack combined his passion for the club with the redevelopment of the Iffley Road Sports Complex, by leading the fundraising efforts for the new Gallie-Lewis-Dean Gym, as well as being a lead donor himself. This multi-purpose training space (named after three iconic and much loved Boxing coaches) provides training facilities for the OUABC (serving both men and women), as well as a space for gym classes for staff, students and the local community. This space has been essential to accommodate the growing size and success of OUABC, as well as providing an appealing new multipurpose room where a range of classes can be held, inspiring more people to get active and supporting future generations of scholar-athletes. He rallied more than 120 members of the OUABC, raising over £250,000 towards the new facility. During his efforts Mr Mack reconnected OUABC alumni from across the world, not to mention bringing together family members to celebrate the work of Percy Lewis and Henry Dean, and the memory of Alf Gallie: coaches with distinguished Boxing history, as well as working with local athletes and the OUABC. It is for this work we wish to recognise and thank Mr Mack for his dedication and commitment.

Howard Rosen with the Vice-Chancellor

Howard Rosen

Howard Rosen (Exeter, 1974) has been a key influencer in the growth of Exeter’s European networks through his regular hosting of alumni events in Zurich. He has been a committed donor to Exeter since 2000 and has been the driving force behind the creation of the Swiss Friends of Oxford University which was launched in 2017 and for which he has been nominated for this Award.

The creation of the Swiss Friends of Oxford University reflects not only Mr Rosen’s own considerable expertise in Swiss and United Kingdom law but also his leadership and commitment to making this initial concept a reality. It underscores the importance that he places on the collegiate university benefiting from the endeavour and he has worked closely with the University’s Development Office to establish the Swiss Friends. He has long been an advocate of tax-effective giving and has been keen to enable those based in Switzerland to enjoy similar opportunities as those in other parts of the world. In doing so, he has been a passionate advocate for the role of philanthropy in higher education which is reflected in his personal philanthropy at Exeter. We have no doubt that the creation of the Swiss Friends of Oxford University will become a catalyst for increased giving throughout the collegiate University.

Photo by University of Oxford/John Cairns

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