China and Central Asia: the ancient Silk Road [fully booked]

19 August 2020 to 06 September 2020
From £3,860 per person (single room supplement £860)
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The Silk Road was a vast network of roads stretching from Xi’an to the Eastern Mediterranean. Along its length, intrepid merchants traded in precious items, but it was also the main East West artery for the flow of ideas. Buddhist monks rubbed shoulders with Persian Manichean priests, and Zoroastrians, whilst Nestorian Christians sought converts among the travellers. The great sites and artistic treasures were buried in the sands of the desert where the dry sand preserved them. With the gradual opening of routes across western China it is now possible, once again, to explore the lost cities, marvel at the great artistic achievements and discover the magic and beauty of these ancient routes. Travel in the company of Dr Jamie Greenbaum, exploring the great sites and artistic treasure of the ancient Silk Road.

Trip scholar

Dr Jamie Greenbaum, Visiting Fellow, The Australian National University
Jamie specialises in Ming dynasty cultural history. He has led trips to China since 2003 and has been resident in Beijing since 2004. 


  • Explore beautiful Kyrgyzstan and Lake Issykul, the world's second highest navigable lake
  • Journey through the spectacular Tien Shan Mountains, past herds of Bactrian Camels and Tajik camping grounds
  • In Urumqi visit one of China's most impressive museums and learn more of the Mummies of Urumqi and the secrets of the Silk Road
  • Explore Turfan, an oasis of gardens, orchards and vineyards in the barren desert
  • Discover the caves at Dunhuang in Central China and Longmen Caves in Eastern China, two of the world's richest treasure troves of Buddhist art
  • Explore the great city of Xi'an, the Eastern Terminus of the Silk Road

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